The disabled

St. George School

Educational institution for children with severe intellectual disabilities. 

Reach for Change

Charitable Foundation "Reach for Change" advocates for the rights of children.



Charitable institution Center for social rehabilitation "Tourmaline". The centre has 4 art workshop rooms: candle, carpentry, ceramic and weaving, felting.


Russian House

Autonomous nonprofit organization "Center of social initiatives "Russian House" is a socially-oriented NGO, which was established by a group of relatives of the mentally disabled people and officially registered on November, 13 2000.



The foundation provides persistent financial assistance to the First Moscow Hospice.


Rendering psychological and social help to mentally disabled kids, teens and young people and to their families.


Integration of disabled children into society through rehabilitation programs aimed at the development of labor and creative skills.


The charity renders assistance to the disabled children and supports them when they grow up.

Humanitarian Programs Support Fund

Development and carrying out of social programs aimed at improving lives of disabled children and their families and stimulating initiatives that foster positive attitudes towards disability within Russian society.

Guide dogs for Disabled People

The social rehabilitation of persons with disabilities through specially trained dogs.

Doroga v Mir

A parent-managed organization providing art therapy, physical rehabilitation and education for children and adults with severe mental disabilities.


A charity that helps autistic children and their families through the creation and development of specialized educational centers for children and adults with autism.

Center for Curative Pedagogics (CCP)

To provide disabled children with educational, medical, and psychological support.