Volunteer Days


On the eve of the New Year holidays, United Way of Russia organized Volunteers Day for the companies: Bonduelle, Clifford Chance and JTI Russia.

For example, volunteers-employees from Clifford Chance spent a day with the children from the G. I. Rossolimo Center and learnt the art of photography.

As is usual, volunteers-employees of JTI Russia came to the Odintsovo boarding house to celebrate the New Year with the elderly and give them unique gifts.

In the office of the company Bonduelle, the campaign Tree of Wishes was organized. As a result of this campaign, employees collected gifts for the New Year for the elderly people living alone at the Tarusskiy boarding house. The employees visited not only with the requested presents but also brought a large quantity of Bonduelle products, enough for the whole of 2017.

Thank you to the companies and their employees for their active involvement and a desire to give joy to the lonely elderly people and children during the New Year holidays!